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Southeast Outfitters (a registered d/b/a of JSH Enterprises LLC) was founded in March 2013, and is based in the Florida panhandle.

We pride ourselves in offering great products, from great manufacturers, at great prices. Every product that we carry is the "genuine article"; we do NOT carry "knock-offs", "clones", "off-brand", or "discount", versions of the "real McCoy". Unless otherwise noted, our items are serious products for serious professionals, civilians, and enthusiasts.

We strive to carry only American-made products, but we don't let that stop us from carrying the best products we can find. We want to offer our customers products that we use and believe in.

Our enthusiasm for shooting sports, prepping, hunting, and outdoor life in general, is matched only by our passion to provide excellent customer service - whether you visit our website or come see us in our shop. That's why we strive to ship online orders on the same day (when possible), to provide our Customers with as much information as we can before and after the sale in-store or on the web, and to remain attentive to Customer inquiries and feedback.

We're always looking for new things to bring to our Customers, so please check back regularly for expanded product offerings, sales, deals, and other promotions. If you're in the northwest Florida area, come visit us in our retail location.


Southeast Outfitters